A group exhibition about the Glenbrook Lagoon in the Blue Mountains at the Braemar Gallery, Springwood, NSW from 12 May-15 June

The Coal Loader, 2 Balls Head Drive, Waverton

Please Don’t Shoot, 2019, kinetic assemblage, 24x58x18cm

Reminiscent of fairground games such as Laughing Clowns and Shooting Galleries, this work was made in response to the thousands of ducks that are shot for sport every year during duck hunting season in Australia. On winding the key on the side of the work, the decoy duck heads turn from side to side in unison.
Materials: vintage wooden decoy duck heads, vintage wooden utility box, painted timber inlay, timber, handmade mechanical parts, and music box movement.


The Collector, 2018, 17x10x10cm, kinetic music box assemblage

The Collector is on exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, by invitation of Scott Weston Architecture Design in their submission to the Rigg Design Prize, Domestic Living.

This work references: John Fowles dark novel, The Collector; the effect that pesticides are having on the insect world; and the selfie world we inhabit.
materials: reconstructed vintage tin, reconstructed vintage toys, mechanical parts, epoxy resin, metal, timber, plastic, paper & acrylic paint